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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


first I really thought it was a really good game.. because of the rockets and stuff. But then I was in lvl 10.. and I had to fucking walljump at the right places!! that was almost IMPOSSIBLE!! It seriously took me 5 min to do this.. and then i thought I the hard part was finished, but NO.. i had to shoot a missile in like a maze or something what also was almost IMPOSSIBLE..! this also took me a few minutes.. and after that I had to WALK AND SHOOT AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE OF THE TIME LIMIT >:(.. I seriously tried it like 100 times but then I RAN OUT OF MY FUCKING PATIENCE.... seriously if a game is so hard like this in LVL 10!.. I don't know how many levels there are but I'll ask this in the review..
Well i can't give the game a bad score because of that i was pissed and don't have enough patience (I played Enough Plumbers before this). so counting on that there are some other nice levels to play, OK graphics, nice gameplay, OK song / Music. You'll still get a: 7/10, 3/4. Next game just make it a little bit more easy for me ;)

VicBiss responds:

Sorry dude, I love hard games, haha. There's 25 levels but the level where you multitask is probably the biggest difficulty jump. Thanks for the good score anyways, haha

Good game

I would rate this game 10 outof 10 if I could've got through level 10.Good game anyway

VicBiss responds:

dawww :C


yea ran out of rocketys no restrart button 7/10

VicBiss responds:



Too hard for my blood

VicBiss responds:

It's ok :)

not to good...

it's an alright game just need better art some other things need working on as well and the game would've probaly been better.

VicBiss responds: