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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


In a way it is really fun, but at the same time from my end it has some problems. On the positive side of things:

1. The concept was pretty good. I do enjoy the whole puzzle action game thing.

2. For being made in a day the art wasn't bad. It got the job done.

Some things I think could use some work:

1. The restart button (being space)has a tendency to cause the page to shift for me when playing on newgrounds. A minor annoyance really, but still.

2. I noticed that some of the sounds would randomly cut out while playing. Why? Not a clue. Again pretty minor.

3. For me, while playing the rockets had a tendency to not always fire when I click. This made wall climbing a hassle.

4. The guy also had a tendency to get stuck in walls when dropping down. Most often in corners but not always. He could get dislodged with a rocket, but when you have limited rockets every one counts. When this happens consitently it can really detract from gameplay.

5. The explosions didn't always send the unit in the predicted direction (one would assume the angle of the shot with relation the guy. This was probably the thing that made wall climbing the biggest hassle. Even keeping the gun aimed at the bottom of the screen I would occasionally get shot downward by the explosion.

I do agree that other than that the game was difficult but not nessicerily in a bad way. I did not beat it, I admit I got frustrated and left. Hope you submit a version you put a bit more time into at some point I would like to give it another go.

3/5 7/10 Keep up the good work.

VicBiss responds:

I'll keep those suggestions in mind for future games.

Kinda bland...

I understand that you only had a day to complete this in time for Robot Day, but what could could do is improve upon your game and either re-release it or do it again next year for robot day!

VicBiss responds:

Thanks, but I'll just do a better game for robit day next year :D

some suggestions

The game's good. No bugs occurred. The controls are ok.
Got to level 12 till it putme off. One extra second would have been enough...
Why don't you combine the demanded menu with challenges? Give them 100 instead of 50 rockets and 8 instead of 5 seconds etc. Once one played through it, he gets access to the "hard" mode and time attack. An always accessible menu makes a restart button redundant.
Besides you could add an exception: rockets == 0 && exitOpen == false -> restart

VicBiss responds:

The number of rockets goes down right after you shoot, not when the rockets explode, so when you shoot your last rocket you would immediately restart without having a chance to his that last switch with it.


I thought the game was OK. i always click off the screen whilst trying to walljump which is extremely annoying, the graphics were .. meh. but overall a decent game. i'd just make it bigger. Or just change how you did the walljumping. i hate walljumping.

VicBiss responds:

All good suggestions, thanks :)


I found that it can be quite annoying to have your rockets fail when you're walljumping. Honestly, I didn't really like the walljumping segments very much. If you can make that better (and the level multitasking), then I think you'll have a pretty good game.

VicBiss responds:

Haha, you should try EXTREME MULTITASKING :D