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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Pretty good

I do feel that there needs to be a restart button. In one of the levels (can't remember which one) you start out having to wall jump multiple time to get out of the starting pit. Due to either jumpy hands or just old fashioned me being bad at it, I was stuck in the pit with no rockets and I had to wait for the bomb to go off. So yeah a restart button might help those of us that aren't as good at the parts where we cant just kill ourselves to start over

VicBiss responds:

Space :p and thanks

Good game

I would rate this game 10 outof 10 if I could've got through level 10.Good game anyway

VicBiss responds:

dawww :C


yea ran out of rocketys no restrart button 7/10

VicBiss responds:


Very good

I thought it looked and felt very good and I liked the concept my only concern is that it is to dam hard! I got to level 18 and your giving me just to little time. ease it up a bit and it would be an 8 or 9 nut jesus who can beet this without spending a whole day on it even then I don't know what anyone can do on level 18.

VicBiss responds:

Good job gettin to 18, I can;t recall exactly which level that is, but theyre all pretty damn hard after that.


Too hard for my blood

VicBiss responds:

It's ok :)