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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


From what I played, it's a pretty good game. Unfortunately, my extremely low patience kept me from getting past lvl 6. I get frustrated very easily. But all in all, not a bad game.

Pretty sweet for a game that took a day to make

But it can be a little awkward at some points. Also there's a delay between the switch exploding and the door opening which makes level 22 seemingly impossible...

VicBiss responds:

Hey good job gettin to level 22! :) heres a secret incase you try it again. Once you get up to the platform, you should destroy all the switches except for the one thats in the middle between you and the door, because you can reach that one with an explosion jump.

Missing restart button?

Trapped in level without killing elements.

VicBiss responds:



great game and all but on lvl 6 i ran out of rockets and had to restart the game restart button would be great

VicBiss responds:

Press Space yo

Original and nice idea

I just couldn't get beyond level 5 b/c SOMEBODY made sure that even if I get the rocket jump right I'll land straight on another bunch of spikes >:-x I'd really have enjoyed that one if I didn't have to coordinate shooting and jumping so closely...

VicBiss responds:

thanks :)