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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"

Fucking lvl 12

It was fun, but jesus christ dude, there is a whole other half of a game that you worked on that most people (including myself) will never see. I can't even really give this thing a real review simply because I (technically) never even saw most of the game.

On the other hand, the rocket jumping was a blast (lolpun), the rockets homing in on your mouse was weird at first, but I got the hang of it. If only it wasn't 11 levels long :(

VicBiss responds:

:( It takes awhile to get used to, but after like 20 tries I was able to get level 12 like nothing, just kinda haveta memorize the pattern of the spikes.

LVL 12

lvl 12 can go fck it self its a good lvl but you should be allowed to skip it cause your only winning it if you have a buddy with you or your on krak

VicBiss responds:

Haha, yeah it's pretty tough, just watch the rocket and keep your guy moving and kind of guess where the spikes are, it's all about the multitasking.


it was simple but fun its hard but i finished the game (with cheats well kind of first right click and click "avanzar" wel my pc is in spanish)

VicBiss responds:

Yeah I just realized you could cheat a little bit ago, fixed it haha, and thanks :D

Awesome game!

Wall jumping was hard at first, but once you ge the hang of it..
I liked the enginuity of this game, making it different. The small things like the controlled rockets and blast jumps made it a jem among other games of its kind.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude, means alot!


first I really thought it was a really good game.. because of the rockets and stuff. But then I was in lvl 10.. and I had to fucking walljump at the right places!! that was almost IMPOSSIBLE!! It seriously took me 5 min to do this.. and then i thought I the hard part was finished, but NO.. i had to shoot a missile in like a maze or something what also was almost IMPOSSIBLE..! this also took me a few minutes.. and after that I had to WALK AND SHOOT AT THE SAME TIME BECAUSE OF THE TIME LIMIT >:(.. I seriously tried it like 100 times but then I RAN OUT OF MY FUCKING PATIENCE.... seriously if a game is so hard like this in LVL 10!.. I don't know how many levels there are but I'll ask this in the review..
Well i can't give the game a bad score because of that i was pissed and don't have enough patience (I played Enough Plumbers before this). so counting on that there are some other nice levels to play, OK graphics, nice gameplay, OK song / Music. You'll still get a: 7/10, 3/4. Next game just make it a little bit more easy for me ;)

VicBiss responds:

Sorry dude, I love hard games, haha. There's 25 levels but the level where you multitask is probably the biggest difficulty jump. Thanks for the good score anyways, haha