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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


Impressive game for one days work, maybe a bit more msic but for one day who could complain, .......you best not be kiddin bout dem nudes of megan fox

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude

1 day? really, thats amazing

I thought it was great! It was pretty hard... xD
but I loved it. Great work. I didn't think the art was that bad, it was good enough to not care about it. ;D

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude!

Pretty sweet for a game that took a day to make

But it can be a little awkward at some points. Also there's a delay between the switch exploding and the door opening which makes level 22 seemingly impossible...

VicBiss responds:

Hey good job gettin to level 22! :) heres a secret incase you try it again. Once you get up to the platform, you should destroy all the switches except for the one thats in the middle between you and the door, because you can reach that one with an explosion jump.

Very difficult

o would've enjoyeed the game pretty well if it werent so difficult but i liked even though it was difficult (very) i'll give it 7/10

VicBiss responds:

Awesome username dude, ahahaha


I liked the concept... But difficulty was a problem for me... I don't usually take away so many points for difficulty. The reason I did was because not only was it so difficult I felt like there was no point in stressing myself to get past the difficult parts. I found wall jumping to be unruly at best. But the concept was amazing maybe go back and really put some time into this. Give it a story and such, and compel me to want to pull my hair out. xD

VicBiss responds:

lol, theres naked pictures of megan fox if you beat the game. (compelling enough?)