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Reviews for "The Rocketeer"


I got to level 23, however my mane problem was with the platform themselves, if ou get a little bit to close to the edge, you glitch and fall off. other wise great game, i gave up though, extreme multitasking @-@ way to hard. good job, happy robot day :D send me a pm if you ever want me to test some games for you.

VicBiss responds:

You got it dude :D

Kinda bland...

I understand that you only had a day to complete this in time for Robot Day, but what could could do is improve upon your game and either re-release it or do it again next year for robot day!

VicBiss responds:

Thanks, but I'll just do a better game for robit day next year :D

lolz level 12

level 12 is rather difficult.... so i gave up. Still I really liked it and the concept was awesome. Reminds me of rocket jumping on tf2 :D

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude :)

Awesome concept

Extrmely hard (stuck at 12), but an great concept. I wanna do art for the sequel.

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude! If I ever make a sequal Ill send you a PM :D


lvl 10 is not that fuckin hard it took me three fuckin trys maybe im just a roboninja in disguise but its not hard great game took me awhile to get lvl three... just shoot all but one rocket fall of the edge as you slam them into the side then shoot the switch and done lvl fourteen is were it got tricky... i couldnt do it... how many lvls are there??? it was an abesoulutely great game loved it and the music nice simple graphics bravo sir all my five R's belong to this WOOT!

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude means alot, there are 25 levels :)