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Reviews for "Robots Can't Magic"


lol why can't instead of cloning a rabbit then killing the other one, just transport the rabbit from your head to stomach with a hidden tube o.0

scartheatre responds:

It's kind of like the difference between eating at McDonald's and grilling a hamburger yourself. Yes, exactly like that! Capitalist robot magicians these days...

And oh man. Happy %#%@#(((*@^^(@(ING ROBOT DAY DAWG! :D :D :D


Excellent job.
I loved it. xP


"self destrauct actived" love it

Cool Robot Day 2010 flash.

This was an interesting flash you made for Robot Day 2010,the animation style reminded me a lot of "Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac" except without a dark side,i found it a trip the way the robot was making all the magic tricks work with his robotic powers and i got a few laughs along the way especially the end,overall i think you did an excellent job on your contribution for Robot Day 2010. =)

scartheatre responds:

Awwman, thanks! And Jhonen Vasquez (the author/artist of JTHM) is actually one of my biggest influences, I'd say. I'm a huge fan of his work, and only realized that the style that I typically draw in (very briefly showcased in this animation) is very similar to his style AFTER having revisited a lot of what he's produced :P

So good call, and I'm glad you enjoyed this. I had a lot of fun tweaking the theme to be something very off-kilter and unique :D

Oh. He disappeared! He really did!

Now when's he gonna reappear and give me an autograph he promised? lol