Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

I liked...

How objects in the world covered up the hud. Very classy.

ok but could be better

Only one music and no mute button is bad. And you have to improve little things like: when you enter a house and push up arrow, you instantly go out and in the back of the house. When it happens 10 times in 10 minutes of play it's a bit boring. Still a cool adventure game, keep on :)


Navigation fucking sucked, and the strawberry mission is fucking impossible.

Not very good, sorry

First offers, the game was really confusing, it should have been a mini card included. 'There were no repairs. It should have been more seconds in the game of strawberries. The graphics were not great. Boring.

Insult to injury

The game, I'm sorry, is buggy and just a random mix of bad things. The worst of these things though is right at the beginning, in the text you write "This months issue of Robot Magazine" yet the title of the magazine is actually "Robot Weekly". Not the best on NG.