Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Very magic pink man

The only remotely challengin bit was the strawberry patch and the secret codes location although I haven't put much effort into that. Its not a terrible game like some are saying but its by no means good either.

Its good to pass the time

for AlaskanBookwyrm

First the shopkeeper said nothing to me as well.
But then I tried another time and did everything except give the beer to your mom.
Then you have 25 dollars in total. And after you left the store the game starts glitching up. So damn. Oh yeah what use has the stupid castle in the north


not bad for a first flash game


When you pay the $25 for the robot, if you leave before the screen turn black will cause you to see a blank screen.

oh, curse strawberry....

the quest of the strawberries do not understand ...
I had all 21 but I still fail writes ... so ...
task is to gather 21 strawberries for 12s and still runs out?
can be in the game somewhere to find a laxative? or at least prunes and milk?
at least it was faster ...