Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


I was enjoying it until the strawberry bit which I seem to faill even when i gett ALL the strawberries and bring them back!


It's not so much the graphics as the layout that bugged me, the road was so wide that I had to swerve about to check for directions going off either way and as has already been said going into houses messed it up. I also found the cow tipping was easy by just holding and then letting go space for about a second. Simple game.

Kept getting sticky keys

Found it to buggy which is a shame because it looks like a good game


Well, this could have been a great game, but it looks like reading through the reviews that you are WELL aware of the glitch where the shopkeeper refuses to speak to you. This being the case, I just played the whole game for nothing really...that issue needs to be addressed, or playing this game is a waste of time. Sorry, but that's just the case...

I didn't have a problem completing any of the missions. I actually ended up with $33. Guess I have too much money and now the shop doesn't care? C'mon man, fix the glitch or mention something in the author comments about it. It's obviously well known...

You can't pick any items up until you're asked to go find them. Not a huge issue, but kinda pointless really. Most of the scenery is glitchy, the map is so wide open it's disorienting with no landmarks on any edges, the medals display off screen, sometimes when you try and enter a house you end up walking through the house, you can leave a house and spawn behind a house, you have to click dialogue boxes instead of just pressing spacebar which would be far easier....I mean the problem list is endless. This is all not to mention that you can't even finish the game in most cases because you have acquired too much money?

The music was fine, and it's a great concept don't get me wrong, but this is just messed up. The game needs to be fixed at the very least so it's possible to win, otherwise it's no better than a demo at this point.

In the beggining I thought the game is sh*t, but eventually it has its charm. really simple, but makes sence. a map would be a good addition to this game, but anyway - not bad, but could be much better.