Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

I like it...

But, it's a bit glitchy. Like the trees sometimes make your inventory flicker, and houses, you end up coming out behind them?

Also, it'd be nice if there was a mute button, and a save option.

And the strawberry thing is hard :(

I like the concept though :) I like games like thiss..

it was alright

it reminded me of my own robotic missadventures with compantron, my robot bff


Sorry I can't overcome the sheer lack of ergonomy of the controls ... So for each time you trigger a conversation you have to move your hand from the controls to your mouse ... wouldn't it be easier to just have the space button trigger the next line of speech ? I don't know ... Oh and i'm on a laptop that's why it's such a hassle for me lol But well story is interesting, music is fun, seems like a good little game


it was semi-fun but when i had enough money (29$) it wouldnt let me buy it from the guy :/ had to restart.

Pretty good game

Had a lot of the same trouble, simply that I couldn't finish the game by buying the robot kit, even though I had $29.

Strawberries are simple once you figure out a pattern and I found that if you try to collect them diagionally, it has a higher chance of getting finished. Once you have them all, you need to leave the strawberry patch, otherwise you might still get a Not Done.

Frisbee is in a cave. Follow the path's, as they will usually lead you to most of the things. Dog for the blind man is right next to the cave, but he won't leave unless you give him a bone, which you get from the castle with the "halloween" decorations.

Having a mute would be nice, but the music wasn't really a bother. The lack of dialog didn't bother me much either, as some games tend to be really dialog heavy and said words in the dialog can contain vital hints that impatient gamers can miss.

You did a good job making this and the instructions were simple, provided that people actually READ THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS! They are there for a reason folks.

I rated 7/10 because I couldn't finish the game due to whatever glitch is affecting the game. Fix that up if you can, or make a game with less or no glitches like this one and I'm sure you'll get some better ratings.


Simple gameplay
Fun and artful gaming environment
Simple quests
Good story


No mute button
Glitch that prevents player from winning the game