Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


Fun game, could use some indication when you get to the borders of the map (because everything is the same colour and you continue to walk).

I didn't receive any medals for this game even though I finished all of the missions which is weird.

Cool music.

Nice :)

It has nice music, and that rules the game. Without thinking you just walk over the city and look for the seeds, whiskey, and other stuff. Could not guess how to get secret medals. You should show border limits - you just walk and walk and walk in nowhere. Nice graphip, Cool cow tipper and man white eyes :) Luck in posting in the future

Fun game

Enjoyed the game, had no problem with glitches or strawberrys. :D


The mag sez "robot WEEKLY" and the text sez " it was this MONTH'S issue xD fail! :P i duno if it was purpose or not but hey, all good XD


Rofl you all fail i beat this game easy...good job on the game its simple and funny as hell how the fat kid walks.