Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


it's ok,an easy way to take some points :P

Pretty Good... And pretty Buggy :(

Well its a fun game. Just the bugs reuend it..
1. Its a bitch to get in houses.. it likes to go in adn back out the other end.
2.Strawberry thing. i had to walk against the fence till i found a hole in it.. then goto the chick without the timer even starting.

But its Still awesome ;D


I get the 21 strawberries but still says i didnt get enough


this game has good gameplay art and everthing else but it is quite glitchy, heres just a cuople of them.

1. medals are shown off the game screen

2.most of the time you spawn behind houses when you exit them

3.sometimes when you try to enter a house you just go in a loop of going in and out of the house

4.after i finished the strawberry collecting objective every time i pressed space to go into my house and the girl just said her thank you speech instead and it would not let me enter my house

and i guess that's about it. So yeah it's a good game and all but you need to fix the glitches.


good game