Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Thanks for the points

Not perfect but pretty good.

I got every single medal except for the 50pt secret medal. WTF IS IT??

secret code

whut the secret code?

Secrets medals

Cool Game =D

It has bugs

there is some glitches but it was a good game
8/10 and 4/5

I like this game...

Then when I typed in the code at the end of the game and found myself a giltch.
It happened a few months ago.
I came back to get the secret medals.
Then I forgot how I completed the strawberry quest.
I love this game.Just that I was surprised that the score is quite low,must be because of that giltch or whatever.
Well the fat boy walks pretty slow,it bores me actually,not that its too slow.
I think the field is too wide and boring to walk around.Also some items can only be obtained by talking to the npc 1st.
Like when i found the seeds 1st,I must talk to Pearl to be able to retrieve it.
Its just troublesome.
I never played some of your other games though,I may forget to play them.