Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

fun game

pretty fun and i found a glitch if you go to the cave then go walk against one tree and you get warped to another tree

Shop Guy

The GAme was good.
AND PEOPLE TO TALK TO THE SHOP GUY, U NEED TO GO INSIDE THE STORE (WICH THE DOOR IS ON THE LEFT OF IT, U SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IT) THEN PRESS THE SPACEBAR. and TADA he talks. try that and yes a tiny bit glitchy but other than that a good game

good game

it's a good game, but i did everything got 29 dlls and couldnt buy the robot, so i could not finish the game, music wus like going to a mall or something i liked it gets you on the mood.
o and happy robot day.


it was ok...
1st...wat was with the casle...
2nd... i finnished but wuth no code to enter.....some1 help me


The mag sez "robot WEEKLY" and the text sez " it was this MONTH'S issue xD fail! :P i duno if it was purpose or not but hey, all good XD