Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Great Game!

Could be nice if i could mute the music though...

Anyway, if anyone gets stuck with the $29 "glitch", listen up.

You forgot to buy the Jack for mum. Go do it; you don't want to be a thief anyway.

After that, the guy should sell you the robot.


It was a funny game. You have to buy whiskey with your moms id!lol

Very enjoyable

I really liked this game; I liked the style and the story and even though the picture did flicker a little bit, I finished it and thought it was a good, decent game.

Glitchy? Or Just Morons?

Sure, this game is glitchy, but would like to explain a few things to you guys.

1. The shop glitch is caused because you aren't meant to leave the store. It's obvious since you can see the screen fade out.

2. Strawberry mission isn't impossible. Just use common sense do discover a pattern that you can fit with. Also, people who are saying that nothing happens after you collect 21 Strawberries, once you enter and then get 21 strawberries, head to the other open end of the field. There the timer should say "Done".

3. You have to listen for the quest your "mom" gives you. Go buy some alcohal for your mom, and keep the change. Give it back to your mom and continue on.

4. The code is related to the Konami code, the only problem is for me is that I wikipedia'd "Konami Code" and entered every possible code for it that you can enter with only the keys on a standard and gaming laptop and keyboard.

5. Castle. Think about the HIDDEN medals and then think about the HIDDEN castle. What I dug up said that you must stand in front of it, but that's all. Remember it's above the barn for any situation.

Unless you skimp text or can't be still, it had no problems and you shouldn't have faced any glitches. 9/10 because the game still needs fixing up to do although, and the Strawberries require at least 1 or 2 seconds extra.

Tough one.

Lol, the strawberry one's hard, since my left arrow keeps on getting stuck.