Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Two glitches, bad game.

I could not buy the robot and finish the game, and I picked 21 strawberries numerous times, but it took me my eleventh or so sucessful try for it to register. Plus, I didn't like the story or the graphics.

Nice :)

It has nice music, and that rules the game. Without thinking you just walk over the city and look for the seeds, whiskey, and other stuff. Could not guess how to get secret medals. You should show border limits - you just walk and walk and walk in nowhere. Nice graphip, Cool cow tipper and man white eyes :) Luck in posting in the future


Fun game, could use some indication when you get to the borders of the map (because everything is the same colour and you continue to walk).

I didn't receive any medals for this game even though I finished all of the missions which is weird.

Cool music.

Secret code?

hey guys i liked this game and i get all normal medals but i dont no how to get the secret code and the secret medals, someone can help me?

good game

it's a good game, but i did everything got 29 dlls and couldnt buy the robot, so i could not finish the game, music wus like going to a mall or something i liked it gets you on the mood.
o and happy robot day.