Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Still needs work

Obviously the graphics leave something to be desired, but I guess if the gameplay is good enough that won't always matter.

Perhaps I missed something, but after beating the game once, I noticed the "Pearl in the rough" medal failed to register(it was the last completed 'quest'). And secondly, after playing the game once more and obtaining $37 and completing all the little 'quest,' it seems I cannot buy the robot.

There were a lot of other little things like how the GUI acts in some cases/areas and once while in the cave the graphics seemed to go haywire, but it's still mostly playable and I have to admit I enjoyed parts.

To buggy

There's no tip that you need leave field after got all strawberris.
If you will move out shop before leave a shop you will not see ending.


bought the robot than just a blank screen. nothing really too interesting, strawbery thing seemed pointless, it took 2 tries for it to register as passing

Pretty Good... And pretty Buggy :(

Well its a fun game. Just the bugs reuend it..
1. Its a bitch to get in houses.. it likes to go in adn back out the other end.
2.Strawberry thing. i had to walk against the fence till i found a hole in it.. then goto the chick without the timer even starting.

But its Still awesome ;D

Pretty fun until the bug...

I don't the not-so-great art, but I wish there was a bigger area to explore and if there was a map of some sort...but at the strawberry part (where I had to get 21 strawberries in 12 seconds), I got all the strawberries under the time limit and it still said I failed o.0 do i have to get all the strawberries AND bring them back to succeed? 'Cause I don't think that's possible...