Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


It's not so much the graphics as the layout that bugged me, the road was so wide that I had to swerve about to check for directions going off either way and as has already been said going into houses messed it up. I also found the cow tipping was easy by just holding and then letting go space for about a second. Simple game.

Good Concept

This game is pretty good, I just think it's a little to short, The music is pretty good and I had no problems with the game in general


the character is so slow

Nice try??

The concept is ok, it's nothing really new, but it works.
Lots of bugs, too much really.
Didn't like the story. It wasn't really new and fresh.
I didn't like the graphics at all, and the whole setup of the screen is below average.
The game clearly isn't finished.
Gave you 2 points because you made the concept working.

I know that you can do much much better. I have seen other works of you.
Please don't do this anymore.

Quick game. Not terrible but has glitches

The game is okay but I think it could have a lot more potential to be quite good.

I faced some weird glitches throughout the game though.
1- sometimes certain graphics would be over the timing box and the inventory (layering issues perhaps?)
2-You cannot hold down a directional key while holding down the spacebar to enter a house/barn/cave or else you'll appear on the other side of a building on the outside.
3-I noticed in the cow tipping challenge I could hold down the spacebar and the cow tipping bar would continue to progress. However, once it reached the top the cow wouldn't tip; the bar would just start over from the bottom. It does work if I continually tap the spacebar as I am sure you intended it to be. (Not really a glitch but addressing that issue anyway)

I think if you keep working at your games you'll have wonderful results so please keep at it.

Also to anyone collecting strawberries you have to collect all strawberries AND get out of the patch before the time is up.