Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

its kinda good

i agree wit rutwut


The strawberry picking mini game was too hard...you should probably add some more time on the counter.

could be better.

i enjoyed the game, but.... i ran into 3 bugs one was that after i did my last little "mission" with the granny, i had $29, next i tried talking to the guy to buy the robot, and it didn't respond, next is after i refreshed and started over, i was doing the strawberry thing and each time i got 21 strawberry's with one second to spare but it still said fail and i could not continue with the story.

Holy Crap

This game sucks. It´s broken, poor graphics, pointless, poor story, bad music.. And the list goes on... are you sure this is a game?


it might have been a good game if i could play it. the guy just runs in a random direction and i cant control him. and you need a mute button for the music it really gets on my nerves.