Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Very magic pink man

The only remotely challengin bit was the strawberry patch and the secret codes location although I haven't put much effort into that. Its not a terrible game like some are saying but its by no means good either.

Its good to pass the time

Kept getting sticky keys

Found it to buggy which is a shame because it looks like a good game

secret code castle?

i found a castle but i cant get in it and maybe the secret code is in there, i didnt find anything else near the border of the map, the castle is to the north of the barn.

Before I do this

Needs a mini-map. More time spent wandering doesn't equal more enjoyment.

It was fun but buggy

There is a bug that if you have over $29 the guy at the store will not sell you the robot. You need to have exactly $25 so my advice is finish all quest and leave the buy alcohol task for last.
So when you have 29 talk to the guy he will not respond now go buy the alcohol and you will have $25 then don't go to your mother instead go to the store and the guy will sell you the robot

Strabberry Task is so Easy

to finish task you have to walk towards the X at the right exit of the strawberry field. You don't have to go back to the girl that is impossible =P.
Anyway to do it on 12 seconds you have to walk from west to east east to west
some map attempt.........

---------------- X

The point is gather strawberries from 3 rows while moving east to west & west to east one with your head other with middle of the body and the other with the feet.

This could have been a great game if you have put more effort on it.'
But because I love this type of games I give you 9