Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


If it didnt have so many bugs it woulda been a fun game, stupid, but fun. It kinda just felt like a waste of ten mins I'll never get back... And one question, what the fuck is with the castle above the barn?


This game was really buggy, I didn't have any problems with badges though, the only quest in this game I can not figure out is the Dog one, can anyone help me with this?


Not bad but not excellent needs a mini map badly and theres a frisbee glitch after u return it its back were u found it

final bug -.-

after I completed all tasks, got 29 bucks can't speak with shopkeeper... nah!
you made better games than this

One glitchy b@tch.

All i can say is smoothen it out more, and it would be better after you collect 21 strawberries you'd be done instead of also having to exit the patch.