Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

enjoyable but rushed

hahaha wierd enough i really enjoyed it. yeah there were bugs and bad animation but you guys have to realise that this game was made mainly for the robot day 2010 event so thats probably why it looks so rushed and stuff. i didnt get my ten but i thought it was pretty good so...7/10

kinda dumb but fun

It was enjoyable but kind of a dumb story but i guess it was humorus also to those that can't find the bone its in a house with a pile of bones and meat just walk over it its too the <- (left),(west) just walk along the paths and you'll find it inside the house


Overall, this game was pretty entertaining, but I didn't like the graphics at all-- the game was pretty messy, and there were a lot of glitches. Also, there were several spelling errors in the intro that irritated me, but that's probably just me being a nerd lol.

The bone

The bone is in cannibal house. In the left of the map.

dog bone

Cant find the bone for the dog, anyone know where it is