Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Good idea...

But I have some issues. I liked the story...kinda. I hated the 8bit graphics and the glitchy inventory screen. That strawberry game was really fun dude, but was there a point to have to walk all he way back to the lady every time you had to retry the game? That is what made me quit playing. I loved the random ass redneck who pays ppl to tip his cows. That's pretty funny. Oh yeah and....fat jokes aren't really that funny Get some new material.

liked it

finished it haha, good job.

Thanks for the points

Not perfect but pretty good.

I got every single medal except for the 50pt secret medal. WTF IS IT??

It's alright...

The graphics are clunky & glitchy (especially the trees) and I collected the $25 dollars, got the box and the game screen went green and froze.

It's a good effort though.

Great Adventure game!

This game was awesome, the music, the artstyle, the whole thing!

There were a few glitches, like I had $27 and could not talk to the Robot Seller Man to buy the robot.

If you could just add a map feature, that could help dearly.

Also, is the castle far north to the barn an easter egg?