Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


it was ok...
1st...wat was with the casle...
2nd... i finnished but wuth no code to enter.....some1 help me

Not bad

For a game made quickly, it's not too terrible. The story stuff was funny, and the actual gameplay was passable. Not super fun, but I'll be darned if I wasn't going to finish it 100%.

BTW, the 50 pt secret medal is called:


If you can't get it after that then you have no business playing vidya gaems, flash-based or otherwise.


But i could only get the cow tipping medal.
Damnit! lol


Good game, but green screen >:(


Since this game was made for RD '10 I'd have to say it met the mark. It was a fun waste of 8 minutes. I don't really find the urge to play it over and over though, so I can find the secret medals...