Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


i can't get the medal?


Awful graphics, very glithy interface, inventory kept going in front and behind of trees.
Music needs a mute button badly.

I managed to finish it at least, can't say i was too impressed though.

Uh oh...

Played (almost the entire game and found nothing wrong with it until the end. Okay, once I had all the money and did all the quests, I went into the robot store and was unable to talk to the shopkeeper. I wandered around a bit to see if it would right itself but it didn't. I found the castle, which I suspect you're not supposed to get into because I tried absolutely EVERYTHING.

Gameplay's okay, but there's some fixin' ta do.


really smooth adventure game, easy graphics and everything, but i dont know if i was suppose to but i could not enter into the castle for some reason i pressed space and every other button while next to


This game didn't have very good graphics but i guess I really didn't notice them.I liked the music, which went sweetly with the gameplay. This game was a bit easy but the humor was pretty funny. I spouse it is an alright game.