Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

for AlaskanBookwyrm

First the shopkeeper said nothing to me as well.
But then I tried another time and did everything except give the beer to your mom.
Then you have 25 dollars in total. And after you left the store the game starts glitching up. So damn. Oh yeah what use has the stupid castle in the north

this sucks

i couldnt get my robot and i like robots


i've got all 21 strawberries EVERYTIME 10 times in a row (within the time limit) and it still fucking fails me wtf.


yo bbrtki just put ur fucking volume off if the u think the music is shit.(it isnt shit)

great game i nearly completely finished the game and then i had to go
didnt find any glitches nothing wrong with it

so statistics
5/5 10/10 added game to favourites added will (14hourlunchnreak) to favourite game creators

good game but...

I'v played the strawberry games quite a few times until i had 1 second left had all 12 and kept failing over and over i don't know if it was a glitch or not but something to look into overall a great game