Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Needs another 3 weeks.

Wow... Good job on making a game but wow the art is crappy.

And you need instructions... took me a better part of 10 mins to find that space was select.

And you need a map. I wandered around, found 2 houses a dog and an old lady that I couldnt interact with... cause I didn't know the controls.

And you need to use ASDW movement controls as well for people that like to use those.

And you need to be able to say more than 2 sentences about the game before you run out of things to say about it.

Good start. Now get out there and make something worth playing.


pritty kewl game but im stuck inside the house...

It was cool until...

Hey I was having fun, completed all the little missions, ended up with $33, then I couldn't f**king buy the robot from the bloke at the DIY robot store no matter how much or hard I tapped the space bar.

The art was clean and simple, in fact I enjoyed it together with the dialogue. Although the main character's styling reminded me too much of Ness from NIntendo's 'Mother' series.
The gameplay is approachable from any skill level, and positively you didn't have to walk too far, or look too hard.
The music was bearable, but needs a mute button for people who want to have other sounds coming out of their speakers (thats right people, sometimes we can't all just turn our volume off).
I think the major effort should be in tightening up the programming, the item menu flickered, and I got sick of immediately exiting a room because I was pushing the up arrow by habit to get in there in the first place. And to finish off where I started, there's not many worser feelings in the game world when a glitch makes your game time completely worthless.

I would actually enjoy seeing more from you, do it.

Strawberries work!

The problem with the strawberrie game is that you also need to leave the field through the exit within the 12 seconds to win the game.

great but ...

medals are not working ?