Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

just another mini-qeust-screw-game.

like em all epic.
LMAO story.
just perfect.

Very enjoyable

I really liked this game; I liked the style and the story and even though the picture did flicker a little bit, I finished it and thought it was a good, decent game.

Horribly buggy

It would have been fun, but for the strawberries. You collect all 21, walk out of the garden and it still marks it as a fail.


the game would be good but there were so many bugs.
-when i got 21 strawberries it said it was a fail,
-i walked into a house and left automatically,
-it didnt let me talk to some people,
-the arrow keys get stuck and it didnt let me walk (that never happened to me b4) ---and the game froze when i finally got $25.
it would be a better game if you fix the bugs

Requires some play testing.

I love these types of games, they are simple and fun.
The art wasn't great and was actually rather annoying to look at. A mute button would be nice, but the music wasn't terrible either.

This could have been great. I find it hard to believe that you never experienced any of the bugs that so many people are complaining about. During my first play through I was unable to speak with the shop owner once I had my money.
The HUD flashed and trees would sometimes show through it.
Entering a home required hitting the space bar, while leaving only required you walk into the door. Resulting in jumping in then outside again quickly. Often times teleporting through the flat house and having to walk around it again.

The control scheme was awful. There is no reason to require the use of arrow keys and the mouse at the same time. It is awkward.
This could easily have been fixed by either having space bar cycle through text or use the WASD instead of the arrow keys.

The fun of this game was overwhelmed by the glaring errors.