Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


It was pretty good, but when I bought the robot from the man the screen started turning black and I was still moving around. I left the store and then the screen when green.... I didn't finish.

Nice soundtrack...

The only thing that I didn't hate about this game was the music. It was nice, but I wish those tunes could've been attached to a better game.

I just didn't like it. The artwork was terrible, the gameplay was tired, and overall it was a terrible experience that will take me months of therapy to recover from. The worst was part was probably the strawberry picking game. I did finish it after several tries, but it was a pain in the arse in what was otherwise a very easy game.

Also, I ran into the same bug that was mentioned by a few others in these comments. I have all the money I need, but the guy still wouldn't sell me a fracking robot. When I went to talk to him, nothing happened.

I went back outside, made sure I had completed all the quests and all the townspeople had what they wanted...but still no robot.

Maybe it's a Chrome issue, but I have no desire to try again in another browser. Once was enough, thanks.

At the end I almost assumed you were just trolling Newgrounds, even to the point of leaving out the ending. This game was terrible and you should feel bad.

Good day, sir.

14hourlunchbreak responds:

brb, I'm going to delete it now

you've shown me the light

I'm touched. Thank you.

oh yeah, I might as well an hero while I'm at it.


Is up with the strawberry mission? I get all 21 and then it says fail seconds. AFter that i can never finish. I say add like 1 or 2 more seconds. Still a good game

Quick, easy, and enjoyable game.

The game was simple and nothing was difficult. All the items were in predictable locations, nothing was placed in head scratcher locations. Somebody here said the strawberry mission is impossible, but I happened to do it on my first try without thinking about it.

Well, good job sir, I look forward to finding that secret code.

come on!

the strawberries are impossible to beat