Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

I'm good

Had no problem with glitches. This game was hilarious loved the drawings.

this game

has WAY too many glitches.


nice game.

ok, there are a few issues probably everyone encounters, but first: the strawberries are EASY! it takes practice but you can get it.

1. would be nice if you could pick up objects wihout having to talk to the ppl first, but that's just an opinion
2. when exiting some buildings, why do oyu always end up behind them? annoying...
3. firsbee looks more like a colum or plate. and btw, if you are having trouble finding it, just follow all the paths.
4. a bit more to do would be nice.

good artwork for the style of game this is!

visual: 8/10 music: 6.8/10 gameplay: 8.5/10 overal: 7.8/10 4/5

great game

it took me a bit to figure out how to get all the strawberries with in 12 seconds, but i figured it out, and i even paused for a few seconds, but im not going to spoil it for anyone, figure it out yourself, dont mean to be rude, but it really isnt that hard

Needs a barrier

Just a suggestion, I think you should add a visable barrier around the map so that players don't go aimlessly wandering off into the wilderness thinking there is still map to explore