Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

Pretty great game but,

as other people said, it has its glitches. I finished the missions and when I went up to the store clerk he doesn't respond at all when I press space. No robot for me. :[


I thought I'd done pretty well considering I'd gotten lost in the limitless green expanse a few times already, I'd gotten done all the tasks i could find except I just couldn't do the strawberries one. Half the time it was my fault and half the time there weren't enough strawberries and then even when i did manage to get 21 of them the clock still said fail and the woman still made me go back and try again.. No more now, this has taken up enough of my time.

Good time killer, bad game


this game has good gameplay art and everthing else but it is quite glitchy, heres just a cuople of them.

1. medals are shown off the game screen

2.most of the time you spawn behind houses when you exit them

3.sometimes when you try to enter a house you just go in a loop of going in and out of the house

4.after i finished the strawberry collecting objective every time i pressed space to go into my house and the girl just said her thank you speech instead and it would not let me enter my house

and i guess that's about it. So yeah it's a good game and all but you need to fix the glitches.


Too many glitches! For example 80% (i think) of the medals didnt work! And when I did have 25 dollars, the shop guy didnt talk to me!

there where some problems

there where alot of glitches