Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


It is a good game, although it has some bad parts.

Firstly, great music! i was jammin' out to it at first... but it looped. That is a major flaw. Nobody wants to hear the same song over and over again.

Second, the map was too open. this could've been solved with a simple map. It almost felt like a lack of effort on your part.

Finally, the glitches. It was almost unbearable to see the inventory and timer popping in front and behind trees. Also, i had $26 and i couldn't talk to the guy in the shop. If this was intended to happen (e.g. you made friends along the way kind of thing), please let people know that is supposed to happen. Either that, or it was another glitch that could've been resolved.

Otherise it was your typical "find stuff and give it to people" game. Good, but it needs work.

Hoping for a fixed version,


Beat it, but WAY too glitchy, and for some reason i felt the screen was too small -.-

Too glitchy.

Could be a great game, if the effort was made.
If i get all 21 strawberrys it still tells me that i failed.
Plus that large open space is too confusing (Do you keep going or is there a limit?)
Anyway, if you executed correctly it may be good game.
Nice music though, catchy.

Not very good, sorry

First offers, the game was really confusing, it should have been a mini card included. 'There were no repairs. It should have been more seconds in the game of strawberries. The graphics were not great. Boring.

Liked it but...

At first I didnt know how to get the strawberries.For all those who dont know how to get that take the left side and go diaganol leave one strawberry take the strawberries in the top right take the strawberry near the right exit and take the strawberries on the bottom left then exit.
There were things that made the game easy.ex. there was a glitch where near the dogs if you walked in the trees it would teleport you to the strawberries. other than that its good