Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"


Pizashopie for the lady you have to leave in 12 seconds to


When you pay the $25 for the robot, if you leave before the screen turn black will cause you to see a blank screen.

Shop Guy

The GAme was good.
AND PEOPLE TO TALK TO THE SHOP GUY, U NEED TO GO INSIDE THE STORE (WICH THE DOOR IS ON THE LEFT OF IT, U SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE IT) THEN PRESS THE SPACEBAR. and TADA he talks. try that and yes a tiny bit glitchy but other than that a good game


not bad for a first flash game

glitchy, distracting

i got lost five seconds in, and couldn't tell where i was because not only is there no map, but there is no scenery to direct me in one huge corner of the map. maybe a map, or a few weird landmarks to let you know you're off would be good!

also, your strawberry lady is a bitch; i always get all 21 and it says i got 21, but she tells me i fail. lol.

nice effort, but there was also misspelling in it that threw me off. fix a few little things, this is supposed to just make it better!! :D