Reviews for "Everything Is Robot"

it was OK i guess ????

it was ok i like it i give it a 6 i thought the game play was fun and the story was funny and the ending was funny to so ending cool ! but what i loved more of all was the awesome music in the background i could listen to that music all day ^_^ but the one thing i hated was the stawberry part needed more time then 12 seconds well the way i did it i only had 2 seconds to get out of the field i tried about 15 times but did it with 1 seconds left + the game was very Glitchy so stay away if you hate Glitchs !!!!! so 6/10

ok i guess

kinda glitchy but what are the passwords at the end

Exceptionally glitchy

Played almost until the end 3 times... not a single completion with exactly $25: was getting 27 or 29, so couldn't buy the robot
Tons of graphic errors: objects clipping through interface, walking through objects, some weird shit due to use of zoom (!!!) indoors

Good music and original quests, hilarious scenery - but these can't outweight non-playability

2/10, 2/5... frontpage'd?!

This Game Needs A Tune Up

My first play-through I had 27 Dollars and I could not buy a robot. (the Shop Owner would not speak with me)

So I refreshed the page and played again.

I had to redo all of the tasks but this time I ended up with a different dollar amount. I did the tasks in a different order but ended up with 25 dollars this time through. Now the shop owner spoke with me.

In Summary: Do the tasks in the right order or deal with the glitches!


The mag sez "robot WEEKLY" and the text sez " it was this MONTH'S issue xD fail! :P i duno if it was purpose or not but hey, all good XD