Reviews for "Robot Dancers"

Good video, but copyright-ness.. about the music..

The music... It's not original.. it's off of a video game.. but I can't put my finger on which.. but it was a game I'd play ALL the time.. ugh, it'll kill me if I can't remember this music.. I've heard it before though!!! it's a favorite song of mine... can't be Mario.. can it..? Nintendo's Super Mario 64..?!? REALLY, IS THAT IT!? *feels like he might be smart*

coughing-dog responds:

was it a game about robot dancers, coz that would make a lot of sense

(: 3) ROBOT DANCERS (: 3), Awesome

Cool Movie you got there dude !!!

I loved it

that was pure awesome

Made me think of the Animation show ending

I love it when the robot punches the homeless looking guy, and then dances. just awsome.

ha ha nice

well at least they got killed by robots with KILLER moves