Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"


Another great chapter. The artwork was spectacular again. I really enjoyed the image of the words flying away like dandelion spores.

I think there is definitely a place for motion comics on NG. I think any degradation f the image is a limitation of the site not the art. Although anytime I see this style of moving camera over stationary image, I always think of Reading Rainbow...lol


Five out of five, ten out of ten, you know we love it, now do it again!

Serious review: I have to say that this was better than the first one. There should be a section on Newgrounds just for these masterpieces! Thank you.

Once again

This actually feels like it would be a real graphic novel or even a movie as you animated some parts of it. Keep making this kind of stuff. Could get really popular...

Stunning, Subliminal, Sensational, just wow!

The way you convey the messages of what this young boy is feeling, what he is going through emotionally, is otherworldly in some ways. Okay, maybe that stretches it a little, but the bottom line is, I CANNOT WAIT for chapter 2.

I get this feeling that (even though it's still early in the story) this will end either unpleasently, or shock us all and have some sort of happy ending! Call it a hunch.

Quoth TheBigHero......."Wewanttoseemore!" (see what I did there :3)


when will the next come :(