Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"


Loved the poetry of it, and the artistry was incredible. Am looking forward to the next chapter. Thank You. :)


I really enjoy this way of conveying a story. It appeals to my every whim! I like the words, the pictures and the synced sounds.

I love the subtle animation and artwork! This is a new type of genre, its a comic that leaps out of the screen into your mind, without that Sony 3D TV shit

Lives up to the first one!

I'm glad I didn't miss this one, which I almost did, because it was as captivating, well written and amazingly drawn as the first part :) the eerie atmosphere is very well pulled off, especially with the music which adds a lot to the whole package. All in all, another amazing work :) 5/5 10/10

loved it

your drawings are beautiful and i love how the transitions help tell the story


awesome work bravo! make another 1