Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"


I love your style, the way you put so much feeling in every picture, and the pictures and paintings themselves are great, and you're very good at drawing perspectives and still art...
I believe you don't even have to THINK about the story because it just floads out of your mind...
The colors make the story even more captivating..
A real masterpiece. I am honored to be notified by yopu for this :)
And thank you for sharing this with the world.

Once again

This actually feels like it would be a real graphic novel or even a movie as you animated some parts of it. Keep making this kind of stuff. Could get really popular...

Stunning, Subliminal, Sensational, just wow!

The way you convey the messages of what this young boy is feeling, what he is going through emotionally, is otherworldly in some ways. Okay, maybe that stretches it a little, but the bottom line is, I CANNOT WAIT for chapter 2.

I get this feeling that (even though it's still early in the story) this will end either unpleasently, or shock us all and have some sort of happy ending! Call it a hunch.

Quoth TheBigHero......."Wewanttoseemore!" (see what I did there :3)

I just simply love this.

The fact that the story leaves so many open ended symbolic representations without even explaining itself just kick-starts my imagination, trying to see what the author could have meant by using, say, eggshells instead of paper.

My favorite part was the crow diving in towards the viewer, then flying away as if nothing happened. I was expecting a concrete explanation why the boy had no eyes (which would have ruined it, I always thought of the lack of eyes as symbolic); instead it starts narrating about something that happened, but then the other side implies that it was actually a dream.

I hope to see more.


when will the next come :(