Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"

hauntingly beautiful

once again my freind you have brought a haunting beauty to this site your words are as brush strokes to a masters canvas. it would be a true honor to collaborate with you at sometime. truly work for the ages bravo

I'm excited for the next chapter.

I absolutely adore this.

I am swept away by your powerful transitions throughout the piece. The decaying heart, the blood drop, and the fish all really shook me in my seat since they were instantaneous and just really grabbed a hold of me.

The artistic style and palette, such as the preceding chapter, is very powerful in itself and is wonderful for this tale. The way the text is presented in the story is also moving. At a few times I hoped that the text would be presented a little faster or a little slower, but I quickly had second thoughts once the text fell together amongst each other and really brought together the piece.

The musical score is very beautiful as well - very gentle, but powerful, present; very ominous yet majestic. Felt appropriate to the story's setting as well.

I am quite eager to continue reading this series. :)

Still amazing

Your artwork is incredible and i wish that you didn't have so much trouble submitting such work. You should talk to the heads of newgrounds and see if they can somehow help you with the max dimensions. Anyway the story is still good and the wording is just as beautiful as the artwork. I can't wait to see more yet again and my friends want to tell you they got boners from this lol! It is truly a great piece to have at Newgrounds and i appreciate the time and effort. I almost forgot to mention that your speed for the story really helps get people into the whole atmosphere of the story and i would really suggest that you don't speed it up even if people tell you to. Good luck on the future projects and thank you for telling such wonderful stories!

this is soo GOOD

Really the drawing, the music, everhthing perfect. the last scen sound soo epic, see soo good, feel so awesome. 10/10.


The drawings, writing, story are amazing!!
You write so well, and the Bobby character is perfect for a storyline like this!
You leave me outstanished.
Just perfect!