Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"

I know that this was posted a little over six years ago, so me reviewing it now is probably irrelevant. However, I was very impressed with the artwork and your style as an artist, but that's where my enthusiasm ends. Good artwork can't save a frankly boring and forgettable story that is written in a pretentious style. I was even a little confused by what you were going for. Why was Bobby in love with Susie/Daisy/whatever her name is? Why did he look into the drain hole of his bathroom? Why did his mother insist that he wear plastic bags on his shoes? Is Bobby sick? What are the dreams supposed to mean? Maybe you did answer some of these questions in your other parts of the comic or in this comic itself, but the way you may or may not have presented this information just left me confused, bored, and slightly annoyed at your attempt to write "poetically". Some of the writing style works in your favor in some of the scenes, such as the scene where Bobby is trying to do something with some paper when he thinks about the girl he likes (is he drawing? writing?). However, it is best to be used sparingly because the "poetic" style of writing loses its novelty very quickly because that style of writing just seems to be trying way too hard to sound smart when there's really not that much substance. If you're going to write, write as plainly as possible; don't feel the urge to "sound smart" because most of the time you'll end up either sounding pretentious, foolish, or both. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to bring substance into your work, but what I mean is that you should bring it about in a way that people can feel that it is accessible without demeaning their intelligence. Instead of writing, "She detected the faint conspiratorial scent of illness," try to say something along the lines of, "She thought that he looked sick," and instead of, "Her son; he was spectre pale and silent," try, "Her son was spectre pale and silent," (that particular example didn't need to be edited that much; just needed to take out that one word to keep it from sounding redundant). It may or may not be what you're going for, but it sounds a lot clearer. A good rule of thumb that I'm still working on as a writer: write how you would normally speak. If you don't speak like this, don't write like this.


when will the next come :(

Just another compliment

I don't just want to say the art is amazing, but the way the pictures are captured--the emotions emitted from them--truly wonderful. Thank you for comtinuing this story. The rest should turn out great. :)


The drawings, writing, story are amazing!!
You write so well, and the Bobby character is perfect for a storyline like this!
You leave me outstanished.
Just perfect!


well, let me start of by saying sorry, because, i just recently learned by clicking on the selected on the animation itself it wouldn't just fast forward the scenes but it would zoom it in, so... sorry about that "font too small" on the first part.. but other than that your work is Superb, nothing else i could... i just wish the next one would be released soon