Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"

Great stuff again!

Really very enjoyable so far, i liked the way this chapter seemed a bit more grounded at least in the sense that we have the emotional hook of the boy getting a kiss and presumably trying to write about it or the girl? I loved the ever surprising visuals of the scratching at the paper, and the music in the scene with the fish was amazing, really tense and full of wonder at the same time, the drop of blood falling from his finger was also very resonant with me. Basically great art, music, and story telling (both in plot and language) so far, i look forward to chapter 3! (And thanks for messaging me i would have missed it otherwise :))

hauntingly beautiful

once again my freind you have brought a haunting beauty to this site your words are as brush strokes to a masters canvas. it would be a true honor to collaborate with you at sometime. truly work for the ages bravo


Loved the poetry of it, and the artistry was incredible. Am looking forward to the next chapter. Thank You. :)


Five out of five, ten out of ten, you know we love it, now do it again!

Serious review: I have to say that this was better than the first one. There should be a section on Newgrounds just for these masterpieces! Thank you.


Another great chapter. The artwork was spectacular again. I really enjoyed the image of the words flying away like dandelion spores.

I think there is definitely a place for motion comics on NG. I think any degradation f the image is a limitation of the site not the art. Although anytime I see this style of moving camera over stationary image, I always think of Reading Rainbow...lol