Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"


I really enjoy this way of conveying a story. It appeals to my every whim! I like the words, the pictures and the synced sounds.

I love the subtle animation and artwork! This is a new type of genre, its a comic that leaps out of the screen into your mind, without that Sony 3D TV shit

Oh to have your talent.....

As per my comment some time ago on the prologue, the artwork you've invested in to this series is still beyond amazing and helps to create the atmosphere set for the entirety of the storyline. I must admit, I especially liked the "eggshell" pane for the metaphor alone.

So, what was lacking? Well the audio. What was there was once again perfectly placed, but this time around it just seemed as if there were too many empty panes/pages without any audio connection to it like before. IT gave it a disconnected feel to the storyline because of this. Part of this problem is maybe you set the bar way too high before and now we're (or at least I, lol) am expecting it to be there again. This fish audio worked out great for timing btw :)

I honestly missed the whole poetic side that it strives to produce during the prologue. While the storyline attack works for it overall here, I think having it back in its poetic form would have been much nicer. Just personal preference though.

Something you may want to keep a look out for: Since we HAVE to watch it in full screen to be able to read it (I didn't so much mind it this time around since I was expecting it), the page forward bar only covered so much of the flash window so the full panes (or at least those that run along the right side) could see a hairline piece of the artwork as it moved around. It was a little distracting. This is mostly noticeable during the first frame, but can be seen in a few other spots as well. You may want to bump the "Page Forward" button to the right about one or two pixels.

It felt a little short but that was to be expected I believe. Overall you did another amazing job here. Your artistic talent still makes me want to stab myself in the eyes from any lack thereof haha....Keep up the great work and we'll see where it goes from here :)

P.S. I forgot to mention this since it slipped my mind, but his name was really hard to read in the opening page. It's a light gray on white. Was this intended? If so you may want to darken the gray color at least a touch. I almost completely missed it.


another masterpiece in the collaboration of art, music and history of a twisted melancholic world.
great ideas out of this genius mind.

keep up the great work!

Once again...

You've managed to amaze me yet again. The first one thrilled me because it was something new to watch, a whole different concept, so I expected myself to be less excited because I have already seen what you have to offer, but this is great. You have managed to go beyond what was in the first one, but not going too far over the line and still keeping it realistic and simple, and in that sense, this is another great one. Very dark, I like it.

Unsettling, but Fragmented, Narrative in Nails

In case you didn't read the first comic, the prologue, this one repeats the same instructions. Make sure you actually follow them, or else you'll squint too hard.

This Lovecraft-esque tale of plague and the disease-laden haze of the child who suffers from it... it is difficult to make out, to be perfectly honest. There are scenes of countless broken eggshells, whirlwinds of blank or scarred papers, and a series of dreams and phantasms that dwell beneath the surface. Nothing makes any real sense, but perhaps that is the nature of the illness; it is heavily implied that tuberculosis is the culprit.

Due to the constant prolonged haze, it has to fight against its own haze to make any real sense to the typical viewer, especially at Newgrounds or anyone with little preference towards comics. Despite this drawback, The Boy with Nails for Eyes, both sections thus far, is a noteworthy read and definitely worth the time for anyone into something macabre without gallons of gore.