Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"


Another wonderful piece of work. The way you lay these out is revolutionary to me, and it works so well for the story you're telling that I just can't imagine it done any other way. The rough but fine-detailed lines along with beautifully chosen music just creates an atmosphere you can't get from just pages.

Although I must admit I got a bit anxious and had already watched it at your main website (What can I say, I loved the first episode) it was still a thrill to watch it again.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

Once again

This actually feels like it would be a real graphic novel or even a movie as you animated some parts of it. Keep making this kind of stuff. Could get really popular...

awsome once more

already checked it out on the website,
still cant get my mouth closed
and fav
and thats all that is to say


I love your style, the way you put so much feeling in every picture, and the pictures and paintings themselves are great, and you're very good at drawing perspectives and still art...
I believe you don't even have to THINK about the story because it just floads out of your mind...
The colors make the story even more captivating..
A real masterpiece. I am honored to be notified by yopu for this :)
And thank you for sharing this with the world.


I wish that I had the ability to think of such stunning and powerful stories, while still being able to share it over the canvas in a dazzling clash of paint and talent.
I am utterly glad you sent this to me to share, it was certainly worth my time.
Don't stop this type of art or story telling, even though it may be hard to follow for some people. 10/10 for great poetry, great paintings, and a beautiful story.
Well Done.