Reviews for "Boy with Nails for Eyes 2"

Once again, a very engaging piece of art.

After the wonderfully high energy and almost mythic story telling in the prologue, the first chapter is a interesting juxtaposition, a slow and soft flow which flourishes into a crescendo of intensity before returning to normalcy, allows the viewer to pull back and focus on the central character of the story.

With that I have to say you sir are a master of bringing motion to the motionless, and intensity to what would be very hard to produce via the normal comic environment. Great use of both your visual style and musical interpretation to convey what would normally be very hard to grasp.

I look forward to your continued work and I hope to delve deeper into this intricate world you have woven.

If the robots had not taken over Newgrounds I'm sure this would be covering the front page :).

Still amazing

Your artwork is incredible and i wish that you didn't have so much trouble submitting such work. You should talk to the heads of newgrounds and see if they can somehow help you with the max dimensions. Anyway the story is still good and the wording is just as beautiful as the artwork. I can't wait to see more yet again and my friends want to tell you they got boners from this lol! It is truly a great piece to have at Newgrounds and i appreciate the time and effort. I almost forgot to mention that your speed for the story really helps get people into the whole atmosphere of the story and i would really suggest that you don't speed it up even if people tell you to. Good luck on the future projects and thank you for telling such wonderful stories!

I just simply love this.

The fact that the story leaves so many open ended symbolic representations without even explaining itself just kick-starts my imagination, trying to see what the author could have meant by using, say, eggshells instead of paper.

My favorite part was the crow diving in towards the viewer, then flying away as if nothing happened. I was expecting a concrete explanation why the boy had no eyes (which would have ruined it, I always thought of the lack of eyes as symbolic); instead it starts narrating about something that happened, but then the other side implies that it was actually a dream.

I hope to see more.

Lives up to the first one!

I'm glad I didn't miss this one, which I almost did, because it was as captivating, well written and amazingly drawn as the first part :) the eerie atmosphere is very well pulled off, especially with the music which adds a lot to the whole package. All in all, another amazing work :) 5/5 10/10

it hsa an amazing sound affects

the art was truly a master piece and the music was so touching =_=