Reviews for "Quickdraw: Cyber Hell"


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha POWER RANGERS! i love this game its awesome. AND I FINALLY FINISHED JESUS CHRIST! or robo christ. ha ha

i love the quickdraw series

seriously the quickdraw games are to awesome to have only like... 3?
games you should make more :D anyway i wish i could give you a 1000000/1000000 :)

uhh so confusing

robo jesus is freaking hard

Back again!

I had no idea that you submitted something for Robot Day last year! This was entertaining to play because you did not know who was coming to come up next in addition to what weapon you would have. I am glad you did not just use "Star Wars" characters. It was great to hear Robocop's "Dead or alive, you are coming with me" (yes, he was the one who killed me). I only heard that in an amazing rap video so it was great to hear it in its raw form. My complaint is that the "A" button was not the same as the spacebar.

Well, it is just a game played with one button (except "A") so I guess it doesn't really matter. You seem to get the body portions with the characters right. It's weird to see how much they contrast with the big head of the protagonist. It wasn't that hard, as I managed to get past three levels. Thank you again for showing off your creativity.

awesome robot game !!

i killed megazord !!