Reviews for "Quickdraw: Cyber Hell"

Not bad...

Good points:
*Nice selection of characters (good to see the Daleks, evem if I can't beat them)
*Some funny cutscenes
*Some great finishers
*Good difficulty level

Bad points:
*You need to be less abusive towards the player (so less 'Press the fucking button, genius')
*You need to work on the main character's design...I'm fighting super-realistic, detailed robots with a demented-looking Cartman? Srsly? There are also some sections where your drawing is a little weak, you just need to put more effort in.
*The text is a bit plain (you can find some wicked robot-style fonts on dafont.com)
*Maybe some music would come in handy.

So overall, it's a pretty decent game. It just needs some more effort put in to make it a great game. So for now, 6/10.

53xy83457 responds:

A Dr. Who fan? Anyway, sounds like you enjoyed the game but unfortunately knit picked the shit outa it. Six isn't a HORRIBLE score I suppose but I'm still gonna have to respond to these bad points.

This game is part of a series. Damian is a big part of the series as is being abusive to the player. This one was actually a bit tame compared to the others. It's just a joke anyway, if you're sensitive enough to be offended by a video game then it's not the game that has a problem.

I dunno what sections my drawing is weak- you just said how detailed my robots were but I'm guessing that didn't go into your final score.

I chose Consolas for the text so that it'd look like a computer console... but you're right I'll go to DaFont and replace it with text where each letter is held by a feckin' dancing robot. That'll look good, not childish at all.

Can't have music playing when the player is listening for the draw signal. I did put some in later for a boss intro but you didn't get that far.

In fact, you didn't really get far enough to write a proper review and defiantly not far enough to tell me I have to put more effort into it. You only played like half the game so you've no idea what wonderous (effort filled) surprises lie in store.

I appreciate all the good points though. Just a shame you decided to make mountains outa mole hills with the bad ones.

I cant kill em while they talk?

Other than that kool

53xy83457 responds:

Of course you can't! WHERE'S YOUR HONOR, MAN!!!

Good game

The only reason I didn't give you 10 stars for this is because it would appear that the reaction time needed for the boss fights is faster than the refresh rate of LCD monitors. Basically if you are playing on a flat panel display or a laptop then by the time the word DRAW appears on the screen, it is already too late. This shifts the gameplay from testing your reflexes to anticipating when the buzzer is going to sound. This is not a huge problem but it makes the game impossible to beat without losing at least once.

53xy83457 responds:

I'm playing on a laptop and I can't see any problem. Not that I'm calling you a liar but if I did fix this problem by, for example, making the game easier it would make it too easy (by my standards) for everyone else. No one else has had this complaint so maybe your monitors just fucked.

Also, on the fastest computer in the world it is impossible to beat this game without losing at least 20 times.