Reviews for "FISHBANE"


i love the style of gameplay and the 8-bit style! bravo, i say

Scary places is just...... well, scary

I finished every level with all goldfish, and am currently attempting scary places. It is simply evil. am at the third screen so far, but I think I will give up now. I would really like to see someone finish it.
Iin most levels having an "Ohhhhhh" moment to finally figure out how to solve it is very rearding. I think the later levels are actually easier, but only because you learn from the game.
Looking forward to a sequel. Amazing game, great job.

Chilly Tombs

How do you get past the last part of this level I really have no idea D:
Oh btw this is an awesome game good work.


i like games that don't treat you like you're five. In other words, I like games that are hard from start to finish, and this game exceeded many of my expectations. 10/10 5/5

This is one of, if not *the* best puzzle platformer I have ever played.

First, the concept is a novel one. I can't think of any harpoon-based games, and yet it is executed as if the genre had already been solidly established. The use of moving projectiles as part of the level structure indicates a clever and keen sense of level design. Droqen does not insult the player's intelligence by putting the most basic of handholding tutorials in. Instead, he lets the player discover what the implications of her actions are as she plays and expects the player to think instead of just letting her eyes gloss over as if playing a run-of-the-mill uninspired platformer.

Second, the graphics are simplistic, yet convey everything the player needs to know. The pixelated graphics actually contribute to the design, since the bigger pixels allow better precision in movement (which is needed!). If there's one non-aesthetically-related thing that big pixels do, it's clarifying where the player can and can't go and what she can and can't do. Hand-drawn graphics may be argued to be more beautiful, but it's almost always unclear when and where a character will fall off a platform.

The controls are tight, the music is engaging, and the game offers extra challenges if the player wants them. Honestly, Fishbane is exemplary of practically everything I enjoy about gaming.