Reviews for "FISHBANE"

A bit too hard...

But it was still a fun game. And the little dude has to be a ninja to be able to ride a harpoon. Fun and Challenging Game!

Great Mechanic

I loved the demo when it was released, and the game does not disappoint, either.

The mechanic is extremely simple and polished, lacking any convoluted logic or obfuscated controls that plague modern games. Having one button that solved almost all your problems, but to still have a depth of thought required, is a rare and blessed thing for a video game.

The puzzles were enjoyable to solve, and the collectible fish added a nice touch.

The theme/music of Fishbane is quite addicting, kudos to the composer.

I enjoyed the manual as opposed to a 'tutorial' level where everything would be spelled out. 'Learning to Walk' was close enough to tutorial to be helpful, and felt more like a level to the game than the routine 'Click through dialog till they stop talking' first level.

The story was simple and effective; Find golden harpoons and sometimes fishes. The vagueness is a blessing for this game and adds charm to the character, rather than distract us with his true purposes. Why can't a dude just want to collect things?

Overall, I'm looking forward to having enough time to sit down and play through this game Droqen. I enjoyed Probability 0, and I will enjoy Fishbane as well. Keep up the good work, and cheers!

I've never been one to collect every last item...

Nor beat the super-hard secret levels of a platformer, but this game actually made me do it. There's quite a bit of masochism involved in those last few levels, but finally nailing Scary Places with 141 goldfish feels really damn awesome.

Tight controls, nice sounds and simple, fitting graphics. Great game overall.
I'm proud of myself for finishing without using any walkthrough, but I'll have to be honest and say I've found out how to pass level 2 purely by accident.

David is a badass.

Thanks anubite13

Man, I must thanks anubite13 for his question, and of course the autor for his answer. That makes possible to me! Right now I conquested the last medal, the last gold fish. And that was easy, compared with the Scary places! This game have great grafics, music, and a chalenge of high level. And now you can include me in the number of ones who conquest Scary Places. xD

Droqen responds:

Congratulations, Alanflamer3; you are one of few!

Out of the 121 who've ever completed Scary Places, I wonder how many actually got all the fish, too? :3

(You are truly among the Fishbane elite xD)

I only wish I could get past LV.2 frozen cliff

I suck at this game but I still love it to this day